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I graduated from Sports Management at the Technical University of Ostrava in 2013 and after studies, I decided to go to Australia for 1.5 years, where spent on traveling almost half of my time and tried a backpacker's careless life. However, I missed a service where I could simply rent anything, learn how to surf when I was out of the town, or know what to discover while traveling. Due to the friendly inhabitants and beautiful nature, I left a big piece of my heart in the land down under and one day would like to come back.

After returning from Australia, I decided to continue in my studies and I gained an engineering degree in the Public Economics and Administration.

In 2017, together with Jakub and Sandra, we founded the desired Joystree service. The idea that there will be a service where local people can inspire travelers, digital nomads, and many others to try experiences and find places they would never look at, is for me totally fascinating.


I have always loved sports, I have been playing tennis since my youth, which taught me how to follow through important things up to the end.

Thanks to business college, self-education, and living a long time overseas, I gained so many experiences and inspiration, I realized that regular school kills people´s potential and therefore I left university just before finishing.

I grew up in a business family and I love thinking big, so that´s why later on I decided to establish the project Joystree, an innovation platform for travelers and locals with huge growth potential, and thanks to my best friend Pavel and sister Sandra we became experts with global ambitions.


In 2011, I completed studies in Architecture. In 2013, I started doing business in interior design. Since my heart has been constantly drawn to medicine, I have decided to study Biomedical Engineering, which connects medicine with technology.

My brother Jakub was looking for a person who has technical knowledge and experiences with software, so he invited me to join the project. Now I am in charge with the IT stuff and I also create graphics for the presentation materials.

As Albert Einstein said „A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”, which became my credo.

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